In recent years, the majority of brothels in Leeds are privately owned and many of the women working inside them are aged 18 or over. Some are from the younger generation of girls who were brought up in brothels and others are retired sex workers who have moved to Leeds in the recent past. Some are mothers of young children and others may be disabled.

In most parts of Europe, including Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), the act of having sex for the purpose of receiving payment as a result of sex is illegal, but some related behaviours, such as pimping, brothel maintaining, soliciting in a public area and owning, renting or keeping a brothel are offences. The law in the United Kingdom is said to criminalise anyone who enters a public area “knowingly and unwillingly” for the purpose of having sex. In some cases, this means that the police have discretion to enter premises if they believe there is evidence of unusual behaviour or an increase in criminal activity.

Prostitution has been defined by law as the avocation or livelihood of prostituted persons, and as such it is illegal. But the definition does not encompass all forms of the trade. For example, sex workers who offer sexual services in addition to being paid for their services are classed as ‘sex workers’ and not ‘prostitutionists’. Similarly, a person running a live brothel is not necessarily a ‘prostitute’ because she is also running a business.

Many people within the prostitution industry are often referred to by different names, depending on their role within it. For example, managers of brothels are called porters to the men who supply the girls for the brothels are called porters and so on. But sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Such as the term ‘live girl’ which is used when referring to street prostitution in some parts of the world and ‘solicitor’ which is used in the legal context to describe a lawyer who offers legal services to sex workers.

In most brothels the men who supply the girls for the purpose of prostitution are called porters. But they are also known as cashiers. But the most common name for a male client who visits a brothel is ‘buyer’. The brothel owner/operator may use another title such as ‘agent’ or ‘broker’ to identify him/herself. But generally when buying sex from a brothel you will be given the name of ‘broker’ and will be entering into a contractual relationship with the owner of the brothel.

It is estimated that there are over 10 million women and men in the United States who are engaged in some form of prostitution. Some sex brothels are located on streets and others are found in back rooms of hotels and motels. Most of the brothels are in metropolitan areas. In fact some cities have designated them or they are operating within city limits. Many brothels advertise on television, the internet, and radio. They do advertise in local newspapers but it is up to the local government to enforce any brothels operating within their city limits.

Each brothel has its own code or set of rules and regulations. Initially a girl is admitted to a brothel as a free “entertainment” for anyone they choose. She pays a set amount of money to the entrance and then she can socialize with any men she chooses. Her income depends on how much work she does and how much money she makes. However in some brothels the girl is paid by the customer who comes to spend time with her in the brothel.

Sex brothels can be a very viable business if you are willing to set it up. If you have the right information then this can be a very easy business for you to get started. It is important that you understand the local laws as the penalties for prostitution can be stiff in some places. You should also have someone in the brothels that is willing to help you out at the beginning stages. Remember it is always better to have a contact then it is to be without.